Silvio Soldini, 2004
agata locandina

At the point of her death, Romeo’s mother (Giuseppe Battiston), clothing dealer living in the outskirts of Comacchio, tells him that when she was young she sold her first-born to a riche family from Genoa. Romeo heads for Liguria region in order to find his brother who turns out to be an architect, Gustavo Torregiani (Emilio Solfrizzi). Once he hears the truth he leaves immediately for the Po Delta to find his roots. His whole life is put at stake: his job, his relationships with his wife Ines and with his older sister Agata (Licia Maglietta), an educated and independent woman, ehi, after a love disappointment, decides to join her brother. The isolated house at Lido di Volano becomes a meeting point for several characters whose stories and dreams will cross and merge in one big single plot.

LOCATION The film was partially shot in the areas of Comacchio and Lido di Volano
Romeo’s house is along the scenic Acciaioli route, near the Lido Volano, and overlooks the Bertuzzi valley.