Carlo Mazzacurati, 1998

Ten years after directing Notte italiana, Mazzacurati comes back to the Po area to tell the coming-of-age story of a boy.
Davide (Stefano Campi) lives in Turin with his brother and occasionally works as a car washer. After getting his A levels, he visits his uncle and aunt who live in the Po Delta. He falls in love with Patrizia (Patrizia Piccinini), an older girl, and forms a friendship with Alem (Semsudin Mujic), a Bosnian boy with a troublesome past. Patrizia leads a double life made of drug and a hidden love story with a local businessman involved in drug trafficking. As a consequence, the relationship with Davide becomes difficult and painful, while the friendship with Alem leads to a tragic adventure. Davide goes back to Turin as a grown-up.

LOCATION The film was mostly shot in the Comacchio valley.