Luchino Visconti, 1943

Considered as the founding film of Italian Neorealism, Ossessione is the film used by Luchino Visconti to depict the lumpenproletariat of the Po valley without any fear of unveiling its saddest and pettiest aspects, challenging the strict moral attitude of that time. Gino (Massimo Girotti), a young broke and aimless vagabond ends up in the country shop owned by a man called “Bragana” (Juan De Landa), an old man married to a younger and unsatisfied woman, Giovanna (Clara Calamai). Gino finds hospitality and a job in the local tavern and establishes a secret affair with the landlady. The latter is tired of not being able to live with the man she loves, therefore she asks Gino to kill her husband by faking a car accident. The guilt for the murder and the fear of being discovered will not leave them until the tragic end.

LOCATION The story takes place in the lower Po valley close to Ferrara, along the Po banks, where most of the shooting was made.
The tavern owned by Bragana was located on the Po banks not far from the area of Polesella.