Pupi Avati, 1985

Soursweet comedy unfolding around two different levels: pathos and malice, enchantment and disenchantment, tenderness and irony. We are in the ’50s and the pastry cook Vanni Porelli (Carlo delle Piane), a simple and humble man, accepts to restore a countryside villa which is heavily decaying because of years of neglection and to throw a graduation party for the daughter of the landlady. The owner, Gaia (Aurore Clèment), a rich lady from Bologna, had once kissed Vanni, namely ten years before on the very same day Italy declared its entry into war, and as consequence he sank in a non-reciprocated love dream. The party will be a flop not because of Vanni’ fault but because of the hypocrisy and meanness of the guests.

LOCATION Several sequences were shot in the Volano area. The streets travelled by bike by the protagonists in the beginning of the film flank tha area called Valle Bertuzzi. In particular, along the via di Lido di Volano, it is still visible today the house where the father and the son go to rent their suits.