Ventino Orsini e Fratelli Taviani, 1963

The film, made of five episodes, is based on the 1954 blueprint by Senator Sansone for the approval of the so-called “quick divorce” proposing to dissolve a marriage in extreme cases including, for instance, the disappearance of the spouse, as showed in the film episode shot in Comacchio where a married man, Vasco Timballo, goes back to his home town after a long absence due to the war and detention, and does not find his wife any more. Thinking that she is dead he establishes a new relationship with a young woman. However, the wife is not dead, she has become a nun. He tries then to make his marriage null and void but he will end up in a grotesque and insurmountable situation leading him to a complete failure. In other words he has to remained married to a nun.

LOCATION The fifth episode was fully shot in Comacchio – recognizable through some typical views of the city centre and of the Trepponti – only the sequences set inside the convent where shot inside the former convent of Saint Frances in Bagnacavallo.